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power has found a way back into the world. >> but it can't figure out if it is action adventure drama or comedy. >> i am surrounding -- surrounded by dwarfs. >> it has big scale action with scary monsters. peter jackson likes to use a helicopter a lot. it is in 3-d, one regular and one at 48 frames per second. that's really breathtaking. "the hobbit" is the prequel to" lord of the rings." it is a smaller book, but it is a trilogy and that's why scenes go on so long. eventually there is quite a ride ahead. >> the world is ahead. >> let's get back to the technology. 48 frames per second. the picture is like a high def screen, unlike anything you have seen before. i am so focused on the quality of the picture i wasn't paying attention to the story. at times i was looking at my watch to see how long it would last, and it is a three-hour film. yes there are visually spectacular scenes, about you the film seems to have no heart. i give it a little more than half a bucket. don sanchez, abc news, and we'll see you on the aisle. >>> a woman is putting up a fight to bet her pet back. no monkey
at the sandy hook school already are triggered action to help reduce gun violence and save lives. bridgeport, connecticut, raised over $100,000 to fund a gun buyback. gun owners cashed in their weapons. >> even if you get one off the street it is one less that has the potential to get into the wrong hands. >> reporter: the national debate reignited with a proposal to station armed guards in every school in the country. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: several school districts already have armed officers in their schools. abc news, new york. >>> as you just heard and probably know, the national rifle association national school shield proposal unveiled in the wake of the connecticut shoe shooting calls for every school to have an armed guard for protection but is that the answer? on abc's this week this george stephanopoulos asa hutchinson compares the current nra proposal with the national debate that took place before armed air martials were put on planes in an effort to deter terrorism. >> it was an intense debate that on o airplanes
. boston without rajon rondo, who is out with a thigh injury. first quarter action. check out this passing. davidson lee with the dunk. harrison barns had 15 points, 8 rebounds. he knocks down a three. golden state led by 17 at the break. lee goes behind the back to steph curry. he fakes out the defender and hits the jumper. next possession, steph, this time from another zip code. curry with a team high. and they next host the team with the best record in the league, the l.a. clippers on wednesday. the top-ranked women's basketball team squared off against number two, connecticut. the last time they were in naples the cardinals ended their 90-game win streak. yesterday uconn and the head coach got some revenge. the huskies took control early and never let up. the tough shot and foul. the key was connecticut's stifling defense. the steal leads to this easy basket. it was 31-13 at the half. this shot is blocked. banks will lay it up and in. stanford shot just 19% from the field. lewis led all scorers in 19. uconn cruises, 61-35. the loss snaps stanford's 82-game home win streak. >>> the stan
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3